Lots to improve, not liking it so far


-Free ranks
-Good UI in the app
-Impact rating is a good indicator on skill/Performance overall.
-The profile management and all that.
-No paywall on that many things.
-Alright community

-Unbalanced teams, they just do not work out. I havent won or have had a competetive game in such a long while I’m not even going to bother to play anymore. Fix…
-All chat is on: You can grief by giving out info and the fact that the Endgame/Midgame voicechats are on adds just more screaming and no actual convo. CHATS OFF PLEASE.
-Lack of people. There are just so many occasions when I meet a player in 3 games in a row.
-The APP lags the game a lot and if you close it you’re just thrown out of the game with a latency of around 3 rounds.
-No nordic servers. Ping will always be over 50 for Finns, etc.
-0.01 euro reward for advertizing, seriously mate. Its not worth it.
-No in-game commands, timeouts, kicking players and surrendering is not an option.
-No bots join the game if someone leaves permanently. I once saw a new player join in, but most of the times it’s a guy joining a loss game.
-Mouse lag.
-FPS drops. I usually had 200-210 fps on cache (MM), with 1024x768. With the app running and on sostronk, 100-120 fps with reduced 800x600 resolution.
-Overall unstable FPS.
-No knife rounds.

I haven’t enjoyed my stay here at all. The first impressions were good but it just went downhill. Im sorry to announce this, but Im not going to play on here anymore since nothing seems positive enough for me to stay.



Hi @Kyne

Thanks for the detailed feedback! It will help us a lot to gear up towards an eventual EU launch.

That is completely fine, our EU servers were launched only for testing on request from players like you who are keen on giving us feedback. Please follow us on Twitter for updates on our EU launch.



Hey Kyne,

I am really happy to see detailed feedback like this. Thanks for taking time typing it all out. Would you like to join our connect-eu discord channel? We could then inform you directly as we address some of the concerns brought forward and hopefully convince you to give us another shot soon.




Hey Kyne,

As the others said - we love detailed feedback here, no matter how harsh it could potentially be. I urge you to join our discord and give more feedback as mentioned above but also I would like to go though some of your points to show that we are listening and improving.

  • Unbalanced Teams & Not Enough People & Nordic Servers
    These three go hand in hand. As we are still testing our EU location and gaining feedback, we have not done a proper marketing push and have not put servers in all the key locations. This results directly in slightly poorer matchmaking. If there is a bigger pool of low-level, mid-level and high-level players then the chances of being matched within your skill level is that much higher.

  • No in-game commands, ringer system, knife rounds, overtime and more…
    These are all in development as we speak and we hope to sort out a large % of these over the coming few weeks as part of our PUG Rehaul.

I hope these answer some of your concerns and queries. We are taking on board the all chat recommendation and discussing it as a team to see if we should push it as part of our upcoming rehaul.



Please provide me the invite to the EU discrod channel :slight_smile:



I have PM’d you the invite link.