Losses in 128 tick servers

So I’ve been playing on sostronk from January and everything was fine…lately from 12th April i am getting heavy losses on sostronk and not in mm. My upload speed is not very good and its below 1mbps. Its always been below 1mbps but i never got any losses before…it started in april only. I talked to my ISP and they ran a ping check from their office with my system for like 3 hours and they didn’t find any losses. I ran a winmtr on every servers of yours and found out losses up to 30%. Any help or any further guidance would be appreciated. :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: Due to these losses i am unable to play on sostronk servers and even not able to pay for membership.Please help. My ISP told me to talk with you guys and if you can ran a ping test from your office to my system(they said something like this i think :sweat:)
PS- m attaching a ss of winmtr result on 1 of your mumbai dm server

Hey mate. 1 mbps upload and download is the minimum required to play on SoStronk and most 128 tick servers. We’re not sure how you didn;t get losses earlier but this is the issue. It’s not to do with routing, it’s your upload. You need to get over 1 mbps else you’re going to continue getting losses. Nothing we can do from our end.

my download speed is nearly 1.5mbps and upload speed is 0.45mbps…even when i was on 4mbps FUP the upload speed was same…neither of time it became an issue…even my friends plays on sostronk with same upload speed and he dont get any losses… :frowning: :disappointed_relieved:

With 0.45Mbps you’re just at the edge, it might work, or it might not. We can’t really guarantee anything (trust me, I used to play with 512 kbps and I was never able to play on SoStronk properly).

Okay… thank you for the support…much appreciated :slight_smile: