[Loss] Heavy loss in all servers


sorry if i am spamming the posts…
but i am completely fed up with MM and have started sostronk.
so here are the test results… - 0
2. 130-51-124-45.mysipl.com - 9
3. 129-51-124-45.mysipl.com - 7 [Montgomery, Alabama, United States]
4.17-97-87-183.mysipl.com - 9 [Cupertino, California, United States] - 10 [India,Maharashtra]
6.aes-static- - 9 [ Waltham, Massachusetts, United States] - 9 [Mumbai] - 8 [Mumbai]

My Sostronk IP:-


You have mentioned that the packets are going through the US and then to Mumbai. Are you using a VPN that might be causing this? If not, you should check with your ISP on why this might be happening.


Its a dead end on my isp’s side…
i get it from a local cable network…
who dont understand when their dns server is down…
so i was hoping you would do something…
they dont even know they get the net from airtel / syscon /joister


I’m sure you’ll understand there’s little we can do other than launching our own ISP (one day, just one day StronkNet maybe xD)