Logged in to Sostronk but can't connect Pugs and other Sstk sv


I’ve been facing this problem for a week now.


What error are you experiencing?


Everytime I enter a pug using sostronk I cannot connect.
I cannot enter the server :confused:


What does CSGO do? Does it get stuck at the loading screen? Or does it load and then come back to the main menu?


It Loads and comes back to the main menu.


Oh alright, do this the next time - when the “Continue” thing comes after the map loads, DONT press enter, let it count from 5 to 0. After that it will come back to main menu and you can see the error. If you miss that, the error is also displayed in the console.


Disconnect: Please login as Snorlax into SoStronk App to play here.

This wat m getting

M logged in as Snorlax :3

ADD: I changed my steam name recently


Can you give me the steamcommunity link to the Steam account you’re using?


Btw the last time the user Snorlax logged in to SoStronk App was 2016-04-05 (22:34:13.815) IST . Are you sure you’re using the right alias to login into SoStronk App?


It’s weird M logged in now :3
I logged in from the website now with the same alias.


Does the “Connecting…” message in the app go away after you login to the App? Can you go to settings and tell me your app version?


Version d0a1d9d

Yes the connecting… message goes away after I login to the app.


Add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/shaan7 , lets try to figure out whats wrong.


RIP Can’t play on Sostronk sv anymore
I added U but U didnt respond :3
ANy Suggestion can I create a new account With this Steam account?


@SnX oops, I forgot to ask you to let me know here once you’ve added. I get lot of spam requests and can’t accept all :stuck_out_tongue:
I have added you back.