Linked Steam Account Wrong email


linked my steam account but i cant verify it coz i put the wrong email


Can you share your steam profile link?


here is my steam profile like please unlinked it thank you for answering my problems


That steam account is connected to the SoStronk alias STRONG. If you want to unlink it from there, send a friend request to to prove that you own the account and then we will unlink it.


Okay sir already send a friend request to that steam link you gave me


I have disconnected from SoStronk alias STRONG


shaan7 my id got connected with wrong email id please check it!!


Send a friend req to and I will disconnect the steam ID


My id also got connected to the wrong email please help!.


I believe your problem got resolved at Linked steam account to wrong Email


send from that id which has problem


shaan can you help me?

Linked steam account to wrong Email

If you have not verified the SoStronk account which you connected your Steam ID to, you can just create a new SoStronk account and connect your Steam ID to that. The system allows that.


its saying that Your email address has not been verified, please check your inbox for a validation email from us.


Probably you’ve entered the wrong email address when registering? Try registering again with the correct email address and you should be able to verify.


when i try to connect with steam its connecting to your page of verification of code but saying wrong token code


Hmm thats weird, the Steam ID connect should not take you to a verification page. Can you post a screenshot of the error?
Also, what is the SoStronk alias of the account having this problem?



i forgot as i made many but not able to attach to this account
its most probably DrAg or DrAg^


i wrongly put that account in wrong email -
else the right 1 is -