Linked steam account to wrong Email

Hey, i linked my account to a wrong email. Is there anyway to reset it? my steam link

Do you remember the alias/emailID of the account you previously linked your Steam ID to?

nope, i misspelt the email thats why

Can you tell me what that email was? Or at least the alias you provided for that account?


thx bro

You should be able to connect your new account now. Although in future we will not entertain such requests.

server guy i need help as same my steam link please help :frowning:

Following up at Linked Steam Account Wrong email

I need help. same matter @ServerGuy


If you have already connected your Steam account to a SoStronk account and verified your email, you can simply go to and use “Connect with Steam” to login.
If you connected your Steam account to a SoStronk account and couldn’t verify because your email was wrong, simply go to , create a new account with the correct email WITHOUT using Steam. Once done, verify your email and then go to Edit Profile and hit “Connect with Steam”.

@shaan7 I registered an account with the alias "Rabit"with a capital R, but put my email wrong, now that I cannot verify the account because i will never receive a verification mail. Is there any way that i can get that alias because when i sign in from it says account not verified.