Linked Steam acc to the wrong SoStronk acc


Steam Profile link :

Steam Alias : EvolutioN*
SoStronk Alias : EvolutioN
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:77420977
Steam64: 76561198115107682


Add to your Steam friends to prove it is your account. Then we will disconnect it.


added :smiley:


Do you remember the alias or email of the wrong SoStronk account?


i don’t think so , i think i have browsed the information too fast and yeaaah :confused:


so is it possible to help me disconnect it ? :X


The problem is from our database the Steam ID 76561198115107682 is not connected to any SoStronk account. So, you should be able to connect it to your SoStronk account.
Please make sure that you are not using a different steam ID when connecting.


i tried connecting it but it still says this :L
"Cannot connect with the steam account. Its already linked to another user."


Oh my bad. I now found the old account (the alias was RgM) and disconnected Steam ID from there :slightly_smiling:


Even i am having the same issue :confused:


Following up at Can't connect steam id to account pls help :/