Leavers in almost every game?


hey there. i’ve been using sostronk for a while now and i enjoy it very much, however there are leavers in almost 3-4 out of 5 games.

I have a suggestion that might fix that problem, why dont you link the steam id to the account in so stronk so that people are unable to make multiple accounts. Instead of only getting banned for 30 minutes - 1 hour.


Yes, we are aware of this and hence we are working on stacked cooldowns which increase if somebody leaves too much.
Also, I’m not sure about the steam ID thing you are proposing. We already require connecting a Steam ID with your SoStronk account. What else are you talking about?


Stacking cooldowns which will increase will not solve anything, because people can just make another account in 1 minute and link them to their same steam ID and still play the game.

for example: There was a guy who left a game, got banned for 1 hour, then just made another account in SoStronk, linked it to his steam ID and kept playing again.

So what i am trying to say is that there should be a limit of only 1 account in SoStronk per Steam ID so that people could not have multipe SoStronk accounts and abuse the leaver system.


What CEVO and ESEA do is ban the steamID [30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week, permenant] and not the account on the APP/Website, because a player will think twice before getting his steamID banned for that time rather than caring about the account on sostronk/app/website which he can create a new account and link his steamID on the new account and start playing.

To summarize: bans must be on the steamID and not the client account so that even if he linked his steamID on a new account the leaver couldnt play untill cooldown is removed.