Lags and ping spikes on DM


So, I get ping spikes on DM servers. And its normal for 5 sec then its jumps to 700 ping. Please help. Thanks in adv. :slight_smile:


I have the same issue . When i browse for servers its around 20 but once i join the ping spikes upto 500. Tried other community servers havenโ€™t had this problem. Also one more weird thing is when i alt tab my ping goes back to normal, then it spikes again and i alt tab and go back to the game and it goes back to normal.


What is your speed? Upload and download?


1 Mbps up and down. Even i figured it would be cos of my internet but these ping spikes are only happening with Sostronk dm servers it goes up to 500 and stays there ( Note : Before joining the server the ping is always around 15 to 20 ). I can play fine on other community servers. Also no background downloads happening checked everything.


@shantanu Any ideas?