Kids Abusing the .r Option in Pug


Please remove the .ur feature during warmup. Make it in such a way that players either .r or get kicked in 45 secs and cannot join the same server for 2 mins. There are people like these 2 in pic who are playing with the .r and .ur feature and stopping the pug to start. Please do something in such cases


teamchat .ur and .r doesn’t work bro I think they were just trolling :joy:
and I do use .ur if there my friend is calling me to join elsewhere, It’s also helpful when your pug takes too much time to start and u don’t have time to be in warmup for 10 mins :sleepy: So It is helpful in certain situation and whatever feature added people will always find way too annoy others :pensive: so don’t get frustrated just keep calm :slight_smile:

  1. FYI , Teamchat .ur and .r DOES WORK !!
  2. If you wanna join elsewhere , its not necessary to type .ur before leaving.


1.I haven’t played after eac update coz of some issues so I don’t really know
2.if i don’t type .ur (in warmup) then i will get CD (correct me if its wrong)
and its better to just ignore these kind of people, they don’t care whatever you say or do
gl hf


Disconnecting any time during warmup is fine, you don’t need to do .ur. Cooldowns are started only if you leave a game after it has started.


sorry I didn’t knew that :cold_sweat: ty for info :+1: