Kicked without reason?


Its me and another guy watching banana from CT side in Inferno. I was hiding behind the boxes and this great personality was crouching beside me. Opponents came in, flashed and killed us. He called me a noob and I got vote kicked. The funny thing is that the other three teammates were alive and in bombsite A, they didn’t know what had happened. Nor were there any messages or audio communication to notify what had happened. We both died because of him, and he vote-kicked me. The others vote yes without even knowing what’s happening and whose fault is it. The sad part is that many matches are with such people.


Hi mi3agent86.
Its unfortunate that you were teamed up with such immature people. We can do only so much to give the community the tools to kick another player. The .kick feature was introduced to get rid of hackers and griefers, however every now and then people misuse it. Hope you find better teammates in the future.