.kick Should me enabled again with a new Feature

.kick was a good option for PUGs but some peaple miss used it so, If a feature is added like when you kick some one the karma will be reset to default then it will be a best thing and there should a rule with we are caught kicking without any valid reason then we will be penalized with a Ban.

Hope You guys got the point i want to say
Thanks a lot.
will be waiting for these feature.

Thanks for the feedback. We are already implementing something similar for .kick to prevent misuse. The update should be out end-of-week or early next week.

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Bro it’s not yet out and we are facing problems.
Players throwing games, and trolling kindly do it fast


We have made a change where .kick can only be called by a player who is at least Karma Tier 3.
We made another change where leveling up from Tier 1 to 2 and above will take more time.
This means that someone who is calling .kick has been voted very positively in earlier matches.