Is there something wrong with the servers?


So, I’ve noticed there is a huge difference in the pings of all the servers, Also, there are not many pugs going on, there used to be atleast 7-8 pugs going on in the same time, but now there isnt even one pug.

So i am wondering, was there a change that happened to the servers, or server routings or something like that?



We have got quite a handful of reports about ping being high for our Mumbai servers and obviously we are very concerned. However, given that the server hasn’t changed the datacenter is making it very difficult to diagnose what exactly is wrong. We’re trying to get more info from our users (you can help too, read High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is) to fix this asap.

Also, to people reading this thread, it’ll also help to find out if your connectivity to Bangalore has similar issues.