Is there a MAC version of the app


There has been some problems with me in my setup and for some people. Since my Computer which was running windows broke. I’m not able to use the SoStronk app or play on the servers. It really bugs me when I have to use a mac till Summer of 2016.

I can provide multiple solutions which are easy or hard depending on what’s your workload or even status in the group:

Online Client/Service: It would really be easier for new people and for people who don’t access to the app due to some OS problems.

Make a Version for each OS: I guess it wouldn’t that long in programming to similar programs for Mac and Linux. If there’s any features that can’t be used by a specific OS in the app.



Thanks for playing on SoStronk. We have an internal testing build of the App for Mac but we do not have auto-update build for it. The reason is that we’re quite a small team which makes it hard to devote time for releasing a proper version for Mac. This is a because only a tiny number of people play CS:GO on Mac (FPS and stuff isn’t really that great other than Windows).

Well we use Qt which is cross platform so its not much work to get it running on Mac (and even Linux, which I do at my home computer), but the problem is to add auto-update support and to QA it properly on both these OS in our limited time.

I understand the disappointment but I assure that the moment we finish some very important features (like stats, matchmaking etc) we will devote time to release a proper Mac version for awesome users like you.