Is sostronk support sleeping?

i win a match with 1.5 ir in the match and my id’s ir are updated in a such a way that my ir decreases ! wtf is this guys ? and i have been mailing the support since last 2 months for 1 thing bought from the market and havent got the trade request ! wtf is actually happening ? fucking sleeping u guys ? i dnt even get a reply no response nothing !

Your profile stats (including IR) are over the last 30-day period. So your IR can decrease if you had very high IR 31 days back and its no longer being included.

Its not like you didn’t get any reply, both your have replies on them, the orders have been delayed because of high volume. However, I agree it has been too long in your case. I’ll check on this with the folks who fulfill the orders immediately

During approximately 1 AM to 8 AM IST, yes.

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well now its been more than 2 months ! still i havent got my gun ! any comments shaan ?

Order ID? Also, it’s most likely that the trade url you originally submitted has expired. Update that and provide your Order id and I’ll look into it.

There were reminder emails sent to your registered email address on the following dates to update your Trade URL-


rofl my bad then ! sry ! i updated the trade url !