Introduce solo queue only PLAY


I believe that people who want to play against other competitive players and actually try to improve, play on the PLAY feature of SoStronk.

Lately, PLAY has become just a means of farming IR and getting points to withdraw skins from the market. This destroys the whole purpose of the game. People make lobbies of 5 that are able to easily dominate other players.

My suggestion would be, introduce SOLO QUEUE only. Two captains may be decided that chose the players that they want from the other 8 available. Something similar to Rank S. What this would do is help the players on the aspects of their game which people currently rarely work on. People will actually try to communicate with the other 4 people on their team because they’re not just their friend whom they always queue with. The overall competition will increase drastically. Teamwork and solo play both aspects can be worked upon. People will actually have to grind to get IR. Only those who deserve it will be the ones who actually get good IR.

That being said, what I have suggested is one of the many ways of going about this PLAY feature and I hope you will implement something to improve the current state of this feature asap. For multiple queuing or playing with friends, the PUG function is already there. PLAY doesn’t need to be a PUG. It currently is more or less a PUG.

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This would be amazing.


Totally Agreed!


Very well said!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to post this @Skolpojkarn :slight_smile:

First of all, we are completely aware of the problems that 5-man stacks have. However, the main issue is that matchups aren’t really fair even if you have a 5-man on one side. This is because-

2. No skill-based matchmaking```

Right now all that PLAY considers is-

```1. Best-effort balancing inside a side (T/CT) according to IR
2. Best-effort balancing between sides (T/CT) according to average IR
3. Preference is given to fair matchups. Meaning, PLAY tries its best to match a 5-man with another 5-man for some time, if it can't find a 5-man, it goes ahead and matches with a 3-man+2-man and so on.
4. Finally, obviously ping and map preference.```

One of the things that we are doing is introducing Glicko2 MMRs for all players. Glicko2 is a proven rating system that is used in a lot of sports worldwide. We have been working on this for 2+ months alongwith other stability improvements* . We are doing this in stages-

1. Since 2 weeks it has been already calculating Ratings for all players who are using PLAY
2. Sometime early next year it will start using it for matchmaking.
3. Once we observe that the ratings and matchmaking is stable, we will be assigning ranks to these.

As for the captain sorting you've talked about - I think its a good idea but will not be something we will immediately be able to develop (because we don't use 3rd party plugins, all our servers run our custom software).

\* hopefully you guys would've noticed Play getting more stable over last couple of months.

I totally agree with your suggestion. Sostronk should make PLAY something like Rank S. It will provide better competition for those of us who want to play with better players but hate the feeling when you solo queue and get 5 man death squads playing against you.

Also please use a map voting system like faceit or rank S where captains remove the maps from the pool. It will make the map pool more diverse.



Which unfortunately means lesser chances of getting a match. Even we want to let people choose a map pool of their choice but we can’t do that till we have more people using PLAY.


I think you misunderstood my suggestion. Make it so that the map vetoes are done after the teams have been decided, like what faceit does.


Hmm, I wonder if thats an overkill for something like a PUG.