Internet timeout effect on lobby

I was in a lobby, I router restarted for some reason, by the time I got internet access back, I had an accept cooldown of a couple of minutes, why doesn’t connection to lobby instantly times out as I lose my connection? I’m very sure I didn’t get the accept when I was connected to the internet and it happened between the time the restart happened.

instantly = something that happens without waiting, immediately
time out = something that happens after waiting for some time

And thats why its impossible to “instantly time out”

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So, if I understood this right, there is some time limit till which you stay in the lobby even after you lose your internet connection; so why does that exist? What is the use of that timeout in case of lobby searching?

No, you are immediately removed from the party once we detect your internet is gone. The problem is that the way thats done is via timeouts, and by their inherent design timeouts work as “oh we haven’t heard from Mohit in a while, it looks like he’s lost connection”. So it takes time (and hence the word timeout) for any system to “detect” (well, guess) that a user has lost connection.


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