Increase the reconnect period


Hi SoStronk Team,

First of all thanks for the awesome 128 tick servers. Just a question or a topic worth discussing. Can the reconnect period when someone leaves be extended to like 5 minutes or so ? The reason I’m asking this is because most of the people can’t reconnect back in time.

I’ll share with you my own experience. I was playing a PUG the other day when suddenly the electricity went off. Even though I have an Inverter but there’s a slight lag between power back up and as I don’t have a UPS my pc just restarts. Provided that I don’t own a SSD hence the increased booting time (approx 2 minutes) and the extra 1-2 mins it takes to open Steam, SoStronk and other services when I land on desktop. Therefore I’m left with no time to reconnect.

If something could be done regarding this… I’m on Level 2 Cooldown currently and don’t wanna increase it as I rarely play MM (I have BSNL; no other ISP in my area).

Thanks in advance.

Can add some extra reconnect time (with 3 minuties)to rejoin in sos servers?

This has been discussed before and the 3 minutes time has been chosen after careful examination. There are two balancing things - if we reduce the time too much then people can’t join in time, but if we increase the time too much then the game gets impacted.
Bad power, connectivity etc are real issues that all players have to go through, can’t really help that.