Increase the acceptable ping on sostronk servers to 200. (UK player)

Hello there Mods,
I’m a British player who would like to try out your gaming platform since I’ve heard great reviews from my Indian friends,currently the only European server (French Server) which u have is so inconsistent,it barely ever shows up and wait times are atrocious but that’s mainly down to a lower number of players which i understand is not your fault.

So that leaves me with only 1 option that is to play on Asian servers, id like to point out that i get around 140 ping on Mumbai servers and around 150 on other Indian servers at least that’s what the WiFi logo on the sostronk app is showing me,I’ve played with my Indian friends like a million times in Matchmaking,Esea,Faceit at the same ping without any fuss.

My main concern over here is that sostronk is the only gaming platform which does not let me play anymore with my friends because of the ping cap, is this something which the sostronk team will be considering to change in the near future or will it stay the same.

To prove that im a legitimate British player ill link my Esea Profile below :

Hi @Zakuzor

Thanks for your interest in SoStronk! We do have plans to let people customize the max PUG ping in the future but for now the ping limit is the same for all players.

P.S. We have bumped up the limit from 120ms to 150ms today, so feel free to give it a shot. With the data you mentioned in your post, I think you should get a match.

Firstly - dayum! Why would you want to put yourself through a 200 ping ordeal? Seriously? If you are in UK/EU you have a lot of options. Hopefully you have full lobby friends who don’t bash you for being their down fall! Cause these guys on SSTK seem so much better than the guys out there on other platforms. I don’t know how you’d survive with that ping and how much fun you’d have just dying all the time and shooting at sponge-bobs!

On another note though @shaan7 happy to note that you are working on that ever needed ping adjust feature. Once we have that I know we’ll have more people in Dubai matched up with each other for sure.

can you please confirm if maximum ping on Indian servers has been officially decreased to below 150? im pinging 138 to mumbai and 145 to chennai but when i was queuing 5 man stack (4 of them being in mumbai) ,we waited for roughly 20 mins for a game and we couldnt get any and as soon i left they got a game.

Yes, it has been set to 100 because for a lot of people getting games >100 is undesirable. We understand that some times (like in your case) it makes sense to let players choose a different limit hence we will be implementing that feature.
Unfortunately in the interim we gotta choose the setting that makes more people happy.

got 110ping and not getting a game. Dont let your future customer go through this, Please.
Increase it a little bit more.

@Pnix Where are you playing for? Can you paste a screenshot of your pings?

Playing from Mangalore,India. The thing is that I dont have a choice of other isp’s, So I have to deal with Bsnl.
and 1 more thing, Mumbai sv and BSNL dont like each other from 2 months, SSTK pls fix…

If you could just let us the users control the acceptable ping on sostronk servers. wouldn’t that be wonderful.

Yes I have mentioned that multiple times that we will add that feature in due time. Unfortunately its not as simple as flipping a switch :wink:

Dude I gotta play sstk, So at least increase the max acceptable ping.

has the max acceptable ping increased yet?

Not by a lot, its at 110

You can now set the max ping that you will get in PUG matchmaking, see the announcement here

@shaan7 hi so today ive been trying to play with max ping limiter, but it dosent seem to work.
my friends get ping below <10 on mumbai servers and i get 130 on Mumbai (lowest after frankfurt). The ping limiter is set on 150 but nomatter for how long we queue we never seem to get mumbai pug servers to play.

can i get any feedback on this please.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Zakuzor,

Thanks for the report, I looked at your search history and have identified a bug for cases where the ping limiter is used to increase ping limit to more than 110ms.
I’ll be posting an update once this is fixed.

@shaan7 thanks shaan you’re a star :slight_smile:

@Zakuzor It should be fixed now, lemme know how it goes.

@BayleyGG I think this had impacted you as well, see if its fixed now.

Additional clarification, you don’t have to queue with friends to test if this works. You can even solo queue and you should get a game in around 5-10 minutes

@shaan7 it works, thanks :smiley:
just played a solo game.