In mm normal ping and loss % but in sstk 700-800 ping + 50-60 % Loss



i am facing several sostronk Issues from past 1-2 months. i contacted anish nemz and he told me o post n this site. in a normal mm game of cs go i get 70-80 ping with 1-2 % loss but in sostronk i get 800-900 ping with 50-60 % loss. this is not quite normal and i have my team who play in sstk. HELP


How’s your upload speed? Can you post a screenshot?


My net works absolutely fine.


i play MM everyday ( 3-4 )


MM is still 64 tick and SoStronk is 128 tick - It requires much more bandwidth in general. If you are FUP-ed that could be the cause. Do a speed test and post it. We can then start diagnosing the problem if its fixable on our end. Most likely though if not FUP, its an ISP issue.


Dude no one said your net doesn’t work fine :stuck_out_tongue: SoStronk is 128 tick while MM is 64 tick and you need more bandwidth to play 128 than 64. Ideally both your download and upload should be atleast 1Mbps.