IDK what so stronk is doing ... Griefers hackers everywhere?

People are comming and throwing continously.
what to do?
report ? no one gives a fuck ?
unbanning hackers u cant ban shit also ?
griefers everywhere ?

id -
id -
match link -
they both are griefing so badly …

ik u wont them also am doing my part thats it.
urself u killing u customer or players and ik u dnt care for now… u got great success. And its great but care for the people who not in pro scene.

.report in-game and then post here with the PUG link AND rounds/ticks where its easy to spot grief/cheat.

Can you point out the rounds/ticks for this guy? I watched few rounds but probably I missed the ones where he was griefing.

Banned for griefing.

Its a hard problem to automatically detect griefers as its a very human problem. The only way is for you guys to report with exact rounds and we give them grief ban.

Dexter110 was afk with bomb always at the start of the round. And giving bomb drops to that speedgaming guy. @shaan7