Idea and suggestion for Scrim servers/Team practice


Hello, I made this thread in order to ask sostronk to add something new in their client which i think will please other teams.
When you’re making the scrim server you should add a tick box for max rounds to be played out. When we practice against Europeans they always ask for this in order to practice 15 ct and 15 t rounds as when you practice the point is not to win but strengthen your ct and t side. For an example the old nuke was very ct sided you would be lucky to get 2-3 t rounds in 1 half but it wouldnt be fair if you switched sides and lost the pistol then lost the pracc match without seeing how your ct defense is.
Implementation: Add a vote a after the first half of a scrim game if max rounds will be played out
If yes just change mp_maxrounds


Hey @Lacore

This is something that has been suggested by some other teams as well. We are working on it. Cheers!