I want to Rent a CSGO Competitive Server

Hello , Im new to sostronk but i know that you guys provide free servers . but i want to rent a 12 slots 64/128 tick server which will be fully Compi Practice server for my clan and if possible i want it in Bangalore :). and i will not be installing any mods etc in it just a basic server so please let me know if i can have a own server will be paying monthly rental :).



We are not a server provider. However, you can continue using our Practice and Scrim modes for your team practice for free.

Thanks :).

Feel free to let us know if there are suggestions for the Practice and Scrim modes - our target is that these should be so good that teams won’t need to rent their own server.

Is that possible to create server in HONG KONG region to play from MONGOLIA and SINGAPORE?

Or how can we choose the server location that want to be created. We trying to practice with other country teams. But when we create server the ping is TOO HIGH always over 250.

In CS:GO competitive mode our internet provider allows to play in 55-60 ping in HONG KONG.