I haven't got my skin yet

I bought AK-47 | Redline trough the market…I bought the skin at 3 november and now is already 15 november
Thanks much apreciated :smiley:

We are encountering high order volumes and hence the delay. We’re working hard to ensure the trade offers are sent ASAP.


or atleast refund the point thx

I saw the AK47 | REDLINE is back in stock in the marketplace so please send it as soon as possible :smiley:

Hi @hzm0nsta

The orders are slowly being fulfilled one by one, yours will be as well. However, as we have crossed the deadline of 14 days, if you choose to then we can refund your points instead.

Nvm…I’ll wait thx for the reply :slight_smile:

@shaan7 @Nemz i already wait for 1 month…please send the skin…i bought it 3rd of november thx :smiley:

@shaan7 @Nemz

It’s been 1 month already and i still haven’t receive my skin yet

Item : AK47 | Redlin FT
Order Number : #5690074661912576

please send it as soon as possible thank you