I got A Cd for No reason


I joined the Sv I minimized the game open to see the players on my Sv. I open back the game. The map freezes i retry. Failed to Connect aya. 3day ka cd bheta. -.- i mean tell me now is it my fault? Or the Sv? Cause my net was working. I joined at the start of the warmup. * sry for my trigger * human nature


It would’ve been 30mins if it were the first time. Given that its happening to frequently to you, I strongly suggest you figure out what is going wrong.

Not the server’s fault (because 9 other players could join without any issue).


The Last one had not Joined up Yet. Thats Y i just came to Check up who the last guy was.


And I had 24hr cd Just before that. My cd went away I started the Pug. And one more thing. The Match cant be even seen in my SoStronk pug ke recent mAtches, even though I joined.


You said you got disconnected during warmup. If that happens the PUG will not even start (and as a result wont be shown in your PUGs page).


I got Disconnected in thr warmup at 1min remaining then… I joined the Sv Back Again
But I got CD. How Will a Person Know about this type CD. Even MM me bhi Time Mil jata hai bhai ;_;