I get disconnected and also getting cooldowns no clue what the issue is

  1. im playing from my laptop so yesterday i updated the app … went in game for pug . match started and round 2 it shows me error net disconnected reconnecting in 25 …i get half n hour cooldown
    2 i thought its net issue .so i started pug again after half n hour… same thing i got disonnected i guess after some rounds and then 2 hours ban .
    3 updated app today and went in game to play …played one map which was already with 9-6 score. i played that properly and finished it … i went on to play pug new map got disonnected again - 12 hours cooldown .


I see the following in the server logs-

2016-10-05 11:34:18.594 "Dropped booM from server: booM timed out"
2016-10-05 13:35:37.146 "Dropped booM from server: booM timed out"
2016-10-06 14:22:13.838 "Dropped booM from server: booM timed out"

On all these occasions you had timed out while other players were still there in the server. Next time this happens you should try-

  1. Check your Internet connection is working.
  2. If it is, then try connecting to another server (SoStronk DM, CS:GO Valve DM etc) and see if that works.
  3. If you can’t connect to any CS:GO server, try ping in Windows Command Prompt, see if you get a reply.

This should give you some clue on whats happening. Once you know that, you can report this to your ISP and hopefully they’ll fix it.

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