I didnt get full sostronk point for using sostronk.com in my name

I am a suscriber now.but as a suscriber i didnt get 150 points for using “name // SoStronk.com”.today i only get 40 points for this.

Attached the ss.

same here i didn’t even get sstk points past two days.

The 75/150 points was for a limited time only. Now that the promotional time period is over, we have brought them down to a normalized level. Read more about it here - https://www.sostronk.com/blog/sostronk-ambassador-program

ohh !! but at first it was for 3 months i gusse.

Yes, it was for 3 months and now they’re not holding their end of the bargain. Wow, that’s really awesome. Makes me wonder why did I buy the premium membership. I will ask my friends not to subscribe to them. :slight_smile: Nicely played sostronk team. :slight_smile:

@d34n From https://www.sostronk.com/blog/sostronk-ambassador-program -

We are offering a special limited time 2X multiplier for the next 3 months

Which is still true.

Please feel free to. We want people to subscribe if they see value in the platform.

Why do you think I got the lifetime membership?[quote=“shaan7, post:6, topic:46812”]
We are offering a special limited time 2X multiplier for the next 3 months

Which is still true.

If that’s true then why did we not get the points we were supposed to for today? Could you please look into the matter? :slight_smile:

Even you were not sure about that :stuck_out_tongue: Makes me wonder why did I buy the premium membership

You did get the points today, I can see that in your points history, so did the OP.

I got the points but only 60 points, not the 3x points I was supposed to get.

Free user: 20 points/day x 3 for lifetime sub = 60

It was 75 points/day for free users when I joined and x 3 for lifetime sub = 225. I received 225 points for a few days, and now the offer is changed. It’s not fair that you changed the offer for existing users also.

Dude read the post, it was not guaranteed that the program is going to stay at the same numbers forever. The only thing we guaranteed for 3 months is the multiplier (2x for sub and 3x for lifetime).

Why is it not guaranteed? I mean you guys wrote that you will give certain amount of points, without mentioning anywhere that it’s a limited time offer. The only offer that was limited was the 2x multiplier. How do we know that you will not change the multiplier in the future, since you changed the points we used to get? :slight_smile: I just wish that you could have kept the old points for the old subscribers for 3 months.

Thats what the blog post is clearly stating - we will not change the multiplier for 3 months from the date of the announcement, but after that it can change.

Sure. We will try doing that for future changes but at this point it requires a lot of development effort to implement something like that. (which means we need to take our small dev team away from fixing important bugs and server stability).

I didn’t get the daily points yet… @shaan7
attaching ss of points

can i get some reply about this ?
@shaan7 @VuNaMi