I couldn't connect


I couldn’t connect to the PUB, It said " connection failed after 30 retries " This has happened twice to me now. Last time was a 24 hour cool down and now a 3 day cool down. I can’t do anything if the server isn’t letting me connect to it?? Please take my cooldown off.

Im active player which proves Im not some troll ruining the experience for the players on ssk.

This was the server IP i was unable to connect too : connect

I also took a picture of my console while this was happening and tweeted it to you guys.


Hi @Nemi

I checked your cooldown, it was given for this PUG https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5391900462284800

The only cases where we cancel cooldowns is when it is a server-side fault (which wasn’t the case because 9 other players had successfully connected to the server).

I understand it might’ve been a genuine network issue and you’re not trying to ruin people’s experience but we unfortunately cannot take that as grounds because its impossible for us to verify. I hope you understand.

Note: The only thing that has worked for me in the past for the “Retrying…” issue is changing CS:GO’s clientport, see if that helps https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6370-QPHJ-3567


I had this same issue too because of it I got 1 day cooldown


I understand that it’s not a server- side fault but it is for sure/ something related to So stronk? Multiple people face this issue and its not our fault. I was honestly going to purchase a subscription but if i keep getting banned there’s no point at all.


Hi @Nemi

As a team we have always kept it a point that we never assume its not our fault :slight_smile: That is exactly why I checked your cooldown record. If I saw that there are 4-5 people who couldn’t connect I would get suspicious that something might be wrong. However, for the PUG you got a cooldown, you’re the only guy who wasn’t able to connect.

It could be that there was some issue with the route between you and our datacenter (you know, there are multiple ISPs that your packets can flow before reaching a remote server) and it wasn’t your fault. But the issue is that we have no way of verifying that and hence a bad actor can abuse this and get his cooldowns cleared. We know this puts us at a risk where you might not subscribe or stop using our service, but I can’t think of any way out.


I understand where you’re coming from and how someone can abuse this and get there cooldowns removed. I’ve taken screenshots of my console of when I was unable to connect to the pug. Will that help?


same issue with me got 12 hours cd …I am not able to connect to server with ip 103. and so on shows retrying n fails after 30 attempts facing this since yesterday …


Multiple people have commented here saying they have been unable to join pugs. Also this is true, whenever the ip is 103 im unable to connect. This is a glitch with sostronk.


If it’s reproducible it’s great news. Let’s do this. We I’ll launch a DM on the 103 IP and you guys try to connect and post your findings here.




Perfect, one sec.


Able to connect very easily. Not sure what the issue is :frowning:


Connecting to public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( .


Tried again now and unable to connect


@mafia97 @Nemi at the point you guys are not able to reach, can you try ping from cmd (Command Prompt) and check if its reachable?
A WinMTR trace will be even better.


gg, played like 4 or 5 pugs today and the same issue occurs again. Another 3 day ban.

EDIT: @Nemi I’ve edited this post. Mind your language.


I don’t understand why you don’t believe so many people commenting here saying they have faced the same issue, it’s obviously a reality and why would someone who pugs so much keep getting banned for no reason??? Think about it right?


What difference does my personal belief matter in this case? I have couple of people on this post who are not able to connect to the server some times. That is why I launched the DM exactly the same IP which you were able to connect and then not after an hour or so. I do not have access to your ISP’s network that I’ll debug that for them. All I can do is tell you what I would’ve diagnosed if I were you.

Anyway, going back to the point, you can clearly ping the server. When you ran the ping command and it worked, did you try connecting to the DM? Did it work or stuck at retrying?