I cant connect my account to steam, help


ok so, this might be my fault, but i cant connect my steam account to my sostronk account, ive created 3 accounts (i think im not sure lol im forgetful) on sostronk, and the registration was fine, its just that i cant connect my steam account to it.

the problem was, whenever i would click on the “connect to steam” button, it would lead(?) me to the steam site thing then i would click sign in, but then it would go back to the “connect to steam” thing again and again and its really frustrating because i wanna pug with my friend.

one account already connected, i dont know how or which one but can you please connect shnikee to this account?

here is my steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tylerr-/



I’m checking which SoStronk account your Steam ID is connected


Its connected to the SoStronk alias ‘s4’ (http://sostronk.com/user/s4), the email on that looks like alek***ed@yahoo.com . If you are unable to verify that account, add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/shaan7 and I can disconnect the Steam ID from this SoStronk account.


I have disconnected your Steam ID from s4


friend request sent


Haven’t I already solved the problem above ^ ?