I am using airtel broadband and i am from lucknow, I get losses in the middle of the game randomly many times


The losses spike up till 20% and then gradually lowers down automatically in the round itself, I only face this issue but i don’t know why , people from delhi using airtel broadband face no such issue, please i want this to get fixed as i play on sostronk daily and it is affecting my performance !
Help me with this issue


just an update, people using airtel broadband in delhi also face this issue, this was not there 1 month ago, and i don’t know what to do !
playing a VGF qualifier match is next to impossible with this loss.


Sostronk mumbai and Sostronk bangalore winmtr


I’m from Lucknow as well, and I have a commercial connection, 0 outbound and 0 inbound loss to any server other than SoStronk. Our VGF Qual. Round 3 match vs Brutality was when the most terrible loss, choke and ping spikes started occurring for me, my team and opponents. They reported 10% loss, my team had like 20%~ loss, all 5 of us. The ‘sv’ parameter in the net graph was always red. Sometimes, loss would go upto 40-50% in a spike, I even have footage of the same happening during a pug. It’s also majorly game breaking because I’ve had people telling me that they can hear a smoke go off but they don’t actually see a smoke, and can very easily shoot people through that. Players can’t hear footsteps, gunshots, and players will most likely teleport around corners, making them very hard to hit. Please fix before any other tournament.


Ok lets get to the bottom of this issue, once and for all.

First of all, we need to look at whether it is a server issue or a product of the users ISP.

The logic is simple here: If it is a server issue, then everyone playing on the server will face the issue. If the issue is with the client, or their ISP, only the particular user (or users using that ISP) will face the issue.

@sikhwarrior from what I see from the MTR report (thanks for this btw), you are getting loss along the way to the server.

Look at the Loss % column along the traceroute. The second hop (your gateway at Airtel) is having a loss of 4%. I see that behavior with a few other servers along the way itself. However, if you look at the value next to the actual SoStronk server, its actually 0. The same behavior is present with the other SoStronk location.

Why not do a winmtr to sgp-1.valve.net and sg-1.sostronk.net and compare (post) the results together. And we can take it from there.

@Edviser I totally empathise. However, if you could post data (from WINMTR) then we could get to the bottom of this quicker.

Download WinMTR and post results to in-1.sostronk.net, sgp-1.valve.net, in-2.sostronk.net and sg-1.sostronk.net please. Do these in parallel.


@VuNaMi here are the screenshots.


You have surprisingly high loss to Valve Singapore MM server. But doing much better at the SoStronk SG server.


Here you go.


This screenshot is actually showing zero loss to the various SoStronk servers. Could you run this when you get loss in game? So that we could investigate further.


So what should I do ? and I am not the only airtel broadband customer who is experiencing losses, many other people from other parts of India are getting the same , like 1-2 of them are from Chandigarh, 2-3 from Delhi , 2-3 from Lucknow itself. These are the guys I know about there must be many I think.
Btw Happy b’day ! :smile:


Thanks you for the wishes.

Like I said in the previous post, when you actually are experiencing loss on the server, start up WinMTR and record the result to the game server you are playing on. That will help us diagnose the issue further.