I agree i was afk but 7 days is way too much


Hi, i was afk, but the reason was the server was bad and i cudnt play, im not saying i shdnt be given a ban, but 7 days is alot, u can check my history, this is the 1st time i got an afk ban. Lemme know if something can be done, and also could you get better servers as you are charging us to play.


We will reduce the ban duration as it’s your first time afk ban, but this is the lamest excuse ever. If your connection to the server is bad, just leave. At least someone else can join. Just spinning around at spawn making the game 4v5 is not funny.

Two things-

  1. If you really want something fixed, you have to mention what is wrong. Just saying “server was bad” doesn’t tell what was wrong.
  2. I was watching the game live and apart from few players having occasional loss (which can happen due to how sad Indian ISPs are), it was quite smooth. We don’t have much to do about factors out of our control.