Huuuuge fps problems when joining new games


Hello everyone.
I have this wierd problem, who appeared after i started playing CS on SoStronk.
Whenever i’m joining a new PUG and connects to the server my fps starts to drop insanely. This always happens after i played the first game and entering my second game. So the problem seems to start, when i have been into one server and then go for another game.
I saw another topic about the logs? Could this be the problem, because it starts everytime i enter a new pug.
So… I have to restart CS and then everything is fine and the fps lag is gone.
This never happen to me when i play on FI or in MM.

I really like this launcher/platform for CS. The whole system is nice and more oppurtunities than other platforms.

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Hey mate,

So there was an update 24 hours back from Valve which added this

“The purpose of this update is to resolve a memory leak that was present in the game. This memory leak would have caused players who played several matches in a row to experience progressively degrading performance.”

Now have you faced this issue in the past 24 hours? It could have been fixed already, as it’s a CS:GO issue and not due to SoStronk necessarily.

If you still have this issue, try minimizing the SoStronk app to your taskbar and let us know if that helps.


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Hey bleh!
Thanks for the fast response.
Okay, so it could be CSGO/Steam who make me suffer from this problem.
I just came back from vacation for 20 days, so this problem could have found its way, while i was gone.

  • I already played 3 games today, and whenever i play a game in a row i keep getting these huge fps drops/freezes.

But i took a look at my logs, they look very problematic. Maybe you could tell me a little more about it?

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@shaan7 would be the perfect chap to diagnose this for you.

Shaan, all yours ^^

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@luckeN a known problem is that this sort of behavior if you start CS:GO from 3rd party apps like SoStronk. Can you tell me if you have been using the “Connect” button from SoStronk to launch CS:GO or do you launch CS:GO separately and simply paste the address in console?

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Hey @shaan7

I always use option two.
So at the moment I have to restart CS:GO after every match, else I will have these big frame problems.

Seems like the issue are starting whenever my match is done. Also the scoreboard pops up in a steam window when the match is done. Tabbing out of the game to many times also decreases the performance!

Thanks guys after all.