why u admins unban thise guy . -_-

ban him he is hacking wtf ! admin why unban him ? his acct private he plyd 50 hours probly how he kill like this plzz ban him

We have gone over close to dozen of his games, and couldn’t find anything absolutely damning. If you guys have definite proof of him hacking, please get back to us in this thread with ticks/rounds so that we can get back to this again.

@akS just check his 51 bomb game how he shakes his aim and aims at the leg.
match link -

He has 100+ games. I am sure you can give me more than one game.

match link-
check the tside rounds in ct he stopped but in t he was using aim assist for sure. check his 1v1’s too how he aims at the leg…

@akS ^^^