Please please fix this is the third time i am getting a CD in this week because i get kicked automtically. please do something about it my net works perfectly everything is fine so why do we get kick i got a fucking 24 hrs cooldown please please i only play sstk so please fix ur issue with autokicking and dont get us any cooldown

What kick message do you get? If it is Please login as tRiNiTy into SoStronk App to play here that means your app lost connection to our realtime servers. If you go back to the app that time, it will show an error below “Connecting to SoStronk”. If your ISP had lost connection for some time and it came back, try restarting the app, if that doesn’t work your router and try again.

If it was a server issue, all 10 players would’ve got cooldown. I checked, that wasn’t the case.

It has happened twice this week automatically disconnecting i use WTFast and it never shows problems like this first i also thought it had been its issue but not. It is not my routing issue. i have been using since 4 months now never happened this is happening now only i got connected to the server i was there for like 2 30 mins while last 30 sec i got disconnected from the server why everything was my net was working perfectly i was watching matches on HLTV and i got disconnected and GG 24hrs CD now what should i play MM.>
please look forward to this issue.

no message like please login and all. it came like this ur connection to the server has timedout jese warmup khatam hota hai and if the 5th guy did not join it automatically shutdowns it happened with me somehow like that. u say about restarting sstk i have restarted my whole pc for this what sstk i have restarted sstk a several times still no effect always the same and yesterday it also did not showed connecting to sostronk. i got disconnected and boom 24hrs cd in just 10 sec

Then why did you say you get kicked-

? Confusing reports are not going to help us diagnose the issue, you have to be exact about what happened.