Https:// this guy take religion names and abusing to all see his name admin take some action…

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Admin u have to take some serious action…

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please take some action. and fast

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yeah ! i m also very much disappointed from this guy coz his alaises cannot be tolerated anymore and such racism against our religion is prohibited , moreover either this guy belongs to muslim or other religion , such things are not entertained anymore
kindly my request is that this guy should change his name kindly as for as possible . I hope admin may take any action

waiting for your considieration


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admin take some serious action this bangali Retards Are shit forever they never grow up in history forever Chor… bhag k aae so log

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Please ban such people who would disturb peace and harmony of this lovely community. Anything derogatory related to any religion should not be tolerated.

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arey haan !! this is so disgusting , its been from long time he kept our precious name . Wat do you think off ?? Keeping a religious name, can get a reason behind that ?? Moreover u dont deserve it

Admin pls take a serious action against this fella if he keep on goin wid his shitty stuffzz and support us

are you guys serious? A random player over the internet has the power to get you all triggered? WOW! This guy shouldn’t even be given any attention and you guys are writing up threads demanding a ban? There will always be such people be it in game or real life. The best thing to do is ignore such elements and move on! :smiley:


who told to ban ? its just a request to remove such name n concentrate on ur own game btw no need to defend and all “The best thing to do is ignore such elements and move on! :” this is not a relationship status move on and ignore . It is one of the sayings of quran and the word ALLAHUAKBAR means alot for us and the thing is that ppl use to abuse ingame regarding that particular name …thats what tellin u idiots to remove that name .

To all the people who are getting triggered:

Mandir wahi banega :rofl:

@rec0iL HAHAHA soch agar ye twitch chat dekhle kabhi! :joy:

matlab bolna kya chahra ? why you want to poke ?

teri amma ko paida hua toh mil re hijde k pille teri behen ki chut

@rec0iL teri aukaat hai re teri behen ki chut comments karne ki randwe ki aulad tum log apne maa baap ko pyre ni hai shyd tumhari amma ki chut

yeh admin aankh mein kuch rakhliye kya??
y dont u take serious actions towards this bullshit… change the name first than see this religious comments…

@akS @VuNaMi
can u guys take action they are making fun of religions

holyshit! You guys are worse than those moral policing goons :joy:

Doesn’t he mean - “God is most great” with his nick.

Unless he is abusing/griefing ingame and spoiling the ingame experience we can’t and won’t take action.

That being said, we have had multiple SEA people who have genuinely shown signs of racism and have been banned instantly and have asked to change their nicks. If the user has genuinely shown to be racist or “religiophobic?”. DM me with proof.

Topic is locked.

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