How many Australian servers are there?


Hi there.
I was just wondering how many Australian servers SoStronk runs. I may be being a bit impatient but everytime i try to start one it keeps saying “Could not allocate server, we are full.” Any reply would be appreciated.



We have multiple datacenters and the ping shown on the app is only indicative. We are still gathering feedback on which datacenter works best for players and depending on that we will enable it.


Hey @Zer0_Gravity

In addition to what Shaan said, we will be launching a few test servers in Aus within the next 24 hours. We’re just finding the best possible location atm.

Also, wrt to the servers, once the locations are up you can pretty much launch as many servers as you want.



sweet, thanks


You could help us by pinging the follow IPs from your machine and telling us what you see (also share your location and ISP).

Perth -
Melbourne -
Sydney -
New Zealand -
Brisbane -


Keep in mind that I’m in Brisbane using gigabit internet (university)
Perth - --> 66 ping
Melbourne - --> 24 ping
Sydney - --> 14 ping
New Zealand - --> 40 ping
Brisbane - --> 16 ping


Perth - 76ms
Melbourne - 37ms
Sydney - 37ms
New Zealand - 52ms
Brisbane - 13ms

Location: Brisbane
ISP: Optus


The AUS servers are up. You can try launching a scrim/10man/pug/practise server from the client and let us know any feedback!


seemed to be running pretty smoothly from about 30mins mucking around with a friend in practise. he had a pretty high ping tho (i didn’t) which we are pretty sure is just his internet connection not the server


Where is your friend based out of? Ask him to ping the above IPs as well… could help get a better solution up and running in the long term.