How do scrims work?


hey there, me and my team are new to sostronk and we are wondering how to schedule matches between other teams for practice?

There doesnt seem to be a tool on the website to find teams to scrim against. Any help?



For now here is how the Scrim system works-

  1. You create a Scrim server
  2. Once the server is created, you ask your teammates to join and ready up
  3. Once readied up, you need to either wait for an opponent to join, or invite someone from another team to join (either give them the IP or use Steam invite)
  4. Once another person joins, your team captain will get a menu to accept or reject that person’s team.
  5. If you accept, the other team’s members can join the server and ready up
  6. Once everyone is readied up, the match begins

We will be adding support for scheduling scrims and inviting other teams for scrim’ing from the App in the future.

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