High pings in servers

Respected sir ,

                        Sir we all started playing Sostronk , as it was hack free . with good indian servers . but now you we are only getting Singapore and Hong Kong servers where we get 120 pings . Sir please make it convenient for Indian gamers first then you look out for other servers like I said above ...They all get low pings and then trash talk about our country and also they hack like any thing . Sir its a request please give us indian servers and if other gamers from different countries want to join sostronk they will play in indian servers . till that  time you can manage servers for them ... please pleae please its a humble request . we all are so fucked up with this shit really want to come out of it as soon as possible ..please give first priority to indian gamers , we all love this APP and play it all day long . you guys  have done a great job and hope you understand what we want . Thank you sir .

Sir , High pings in servers.
sir please go through this once . And sir also one of my friend Got banned from sostronk for cheating , but he never hacked on sostronk … he was a big hacker on valve but really he was never hacking on sostronk . Still got banned without any reason. please take that into consideration sir

Our Chennai location is back online and Mumbai will be online by tomorrow.

Thank you so much sir for your time…

Sir , I want to talk to you about a friend , who got banned . but he never was hacking . No one is talking to me on this topic … why is that so ?