High ping to chennai servers

Facing high ping in chennai servers.Posting winmtr results assstk-chennai well…help me out.

My net speed results.

Btw i used to get 50-60 ping on valve as well as sstk servers in mumbai n chennai.
My valve servers still have same ping n mumbai server went from 50 to 70 n chennai servers went from 50 to 140.

If you still have high ping to Chennai, use the MTR traceroute to report to your ISP so they can investigate.

Hey…i am still getting high ping to chennai server.What is weird is most of the time the ping is 140 but sometimes its back to 50 on its own.
So what exactly should i tell my ISP guy because idk what to say to him exactly.
Thanks in advance.

Thats tricky and depends on what kind of person you get in touch at the ISP. Most of them do know what ping means, try explaining them that you play online game where ping is important and it has become unplayable. Ask the person if they can forward the WinMTR screenshot to their network engineering team.

okay…will do…i’ll see if it helps…thanks a ton :slight_smile: