High ping on banglore servers


Hi! I live in banglore itself still i am facing around 60-65 ping on banglore servers.For Mumbai servers the ping is around 38.I have a 50mbps Fibrenet connection. I am attaching the tracert for a banglore sv ip along with this.Hopefully u guys can gimme a solution :frowning:

#2 is an IP that belongs to Airtel Delhi, no wonder you’re getting high ping. What ISP do you use? You’ll have to ask them to fix this. I use Airtel Fiber Bangalore and I get 4ms.


Okay,so bleh told me to download WTFast and try connecting to banglore sv for better pings,but it’s giving twice the ping :frowning: Help me Shaan ;_;


Getting 4ms on Speedtest banglore servers.


Its not necessary that the routing to all servers to a city will be the same. In your case its unfortunately our server to which your ISP somehow routes through the IP. I suggest you take a fresh tracert and ask your ISP if they can rectify it :smile: