High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is



Hi fraggers,

The Internet is huge, composed of many smaller networks that are interconnected. Your ISP and handful of other ISPs form the networks that data packets travel when you connect to our servers. When you have a ping spike, loss, choke - all that can happen due to any routing issues with any of the ISPs in the path.

Given that, while we try our best to ensure good pings to our users, the world is not that ideal and ISPs do screw up. Hence, whenever you report a problem like this, make sure to do this first-

  1. Use a traceroute application (such as traceroute, tracert commands or GUI tools like http://winmtr.net/ )
  2. Enter our server IP to which you are having the issue (you can get the IP by right clicking a server in the SoStronk App)
  3. Analyze the results and use tools like https://ipinfo.info/html/ip_checker.php to find out what IP in the route belongs to what ISP.
  4. In most of the cases it will be your ISP that has a problem (there are packet losses, or your packets from Pune to Mumbai go through some IP in Russia :stuck_out_tongue: )
  5. Take a screenshot of the output from whatever traceroute/mtr tool you used and send it to your ISP, or if you’re not sure post it here on the forums in the Support category.
  6. Post your IP from https://ip.sostronk.com

Hope that information will be helpful to all of you, and from now, ALL forum posts about lag/loss/choke must have a screenshot of the routing tool as explained above. Otherwise, we won’t be able to help you.

P.S. You all know how tech-savvy the SoStronk development team is - as a result we will soon have all this integrated into the SoStronk App. It will automatically do traceroutes, and find whats the problem. Magic!

You can get the server IPs from SoStronk App

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nice guide bro

most people (around 95%) are having ping issue due to vsnl.net.in so anything related that post in Routing issue due to vsnl.net.in


Hi, Recently i came back to playing sostronk and i have been getting 135-140 ping consistently, I have tried restarting my router a million times and nothing has solved the problem, Im now giving this one last shot. So before I used to get a consistent 40 ms from UAE to mumbai servers which was great but after facing this issue it has been unplayable. Now ive read this article and I guess you went the tracers screenshot, This is to the one of mumbai’s server which on my sostronk page is saying about 135-138 ms. Please help me out here This is the link to the screenshot. https://gyazo.com/098aa2cb3c63d81629704dbdf1f6626b I dont know how you will get back to me whether on this post so ill drop my steam profile if you want to discuss it on steam it would be great. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Fringe_/


If restarting the router few times didn’t work, its probably not your router’s fault. In this case, as your traceroute shows, your ISP’s routing to our Indian datacenter has changed and there is a ~130ms ping increase (from a UAE IP to an Indian IP).

Your best bet is to contact your ISP, give them our server IP and ask them if they can fix the routing to something under 50ms.

A Quick Feedback

Because of the lagg and losses yesterday i couldnt joint the server and got a 7 days cooldown on sostronk ! Can any one help me with it ?



if you can add some EU servers :stuck_out_tongue: would be amazing… i played here few months ago i i had decent ping… like 50-60 maximum and i am from EU… and now i can’t even que into a game becose i have high ping in all the servers…
Weird :stuck_out_tongue: but i still want to play here :slight_smile:


We have test servers in EU for quite some time (Frankrurt and Strasbourg). However, the testing period is now over as we collected a lot of feedback from EU players.
We will launch in EU soon, with a stronker platform and anticheat.


Is it possible to get an IP range for route optimization? I’m in contact with my ISP and they can optimize routes and priority if they have the range.

I’m not sure if the IP mentioned above is still valid. All pings time out and a tracert shows packets going through Singapore and a dead end. I’m assuming the data center has changed since then.


@tadaaa our server locations have different IP ranges based on which datacenter they’re in.

You can get the IPs from the SoStronk App.


Just recently got back to SoStronk and found dubai server added again now when I try to play a pug it says my ping is bad at all pug servers locations and i get about 35-40 ping more than what i usually get https://gyazo.com/86eb99e91508deeadbe7272dee998258 this is how much i got get on SST mumbai server but i get about 130 ON SST app


The Dubai location is for AGC tournaments only. Your screenshot doesn’t show the last hop, but I can guess it says 117 on some hop, thats already >110ms (which is the max allowed ping).