High Ping Issue


Hi SoS Team,
I am a player from Pune, Maharashtra. I am having a Ping problem on the SoS servers.
For example :
Currently I play on Drag2Death PUGs from Mumbai and I recieve a pretty good ping ( 40 ms ). But playing on SoS Mumbai or Bangalore servers I recieve 140+ ms.
One of my friends asked me to try WTFast but it hardly makes a difference.

I really want to play on SoStronK servers. Hope you guys help me out with this.
Thanks for your time.


Looks like a routing issue, can you use a tool like http://winmtr.net/ , enter one of our server IPs (like, do a trace and send a screenshot? Then we can know where exactly is the routing getting screwed up. (Do it without using any kind of tools like WTFast)



Hmm that didn’t help much as the places where the ping got spiked there is no response from host (typically happens when ISPs disable pings on some of their routers). Can you do another MTR to the other Mumbai server where you said you get good ping? Then we can compare the screenshots.


D2D Pug 2
Ping : 56


Thanks a lot for sharing the comparison, can you also tell us what City and ISP you use?


And also tell us the IP that shows up when you visit http://ip.sostronk.com/


City - Pune
ISP - Reliance
IP @ http://ip.sostronk.com/ -

So what exactly can be done so solve this problem :confused:


You there sir?


Relaince Broadband pune ka kaisa hai normal singapore k server me kitna ping deta hai and relaince Stable hai kya pune vala ?


Is your routing to SoStronk still the same? If not, then it might be some temporary screwup that Reliance fixed. If not, I suggest you contact them with the screenshot and ask them to diagnose. There is little we can do from our side :confused:


in here i am getting high ping where as i got 40/50 ping in mumbai servers.but my ping is 700.what to do?