High ping and lag in sostronk


I’m getting terrible ping spikes and lag in SoStronk. When i search for servers in the app it shows ping in between 40-80 but when i enter the ip to the console and connect to the server, the ping spikes are crazy! from 40 it jumps to 800 and i can hardly play.When playing in Valve or other servers it seems fine and there’s no ping spikes only in SoStronk servers i am experiencing this issue.
Help me please.


Hi, how is your upload speed? Can you post a speedtest.net screenshot/link ?


Hi! Im getting same lag spike issues…
winMTR data, and as this site doesn’t allow two uploads at 1 post for new users, giving upload speed data in another…


This is my upload speed data


The MTR report looks incomplete, you should use the IP (Mumbai) or (Bangalore).
Also, your upload speed is low for playing on 128tick servers, it will sometimes ping good but you can have sudden ping spikes. We recommend at least 1Mbps upload and download speed.
The reason Valve MM servers ping fine is because they’re 64tick, needing lesser bandwidth.