High griefing case plz ban this noob

@Amaterasu this noob is throwing match,abusing asking for awp if we dint paas blocking making sound blocking mic spamming etc… plz watch this demo and take action this time.

demo link: https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6426761697165312
check buy round its 3rd or 4th.
this pug is going live right now. i left playing and creating this thread. this is so much irritating…

pls banned him he is thorwing evry match

please take note. this is a new user as well.

he was also afk for 4 rounds trying to throw match.

he throw the match and start abusing us why allowing these type of players pls ban them as soon as possible @shaan7 @akS @bleh

no reply??admins??

ban please

Banned for griefing. @Amaterasu don’t play like a retard.

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