Hi...so..this is the issue...if u cannot deliver it atleast refund my coins or points






We had sent an email informing you of an issue with your Trade URL on July 22nd to the email address tied to your account. Below is the content of that email. Kindly update it accordingly and let us know.

You are receiving this email because the Trade URL on your SoStronk Profile is incorrect/invalid OR because the inventory privacy is set to “Private”.

The skins you have purchased cannot be sent until we have a working Trade URL to send it to. Please update it accordingly.

Once updated, do confirm by replying to this email with all your pending Order IDs and your orders will be processed.






i replied to ur email and updated my trade link url
Thamk you.


@AnisH please update this trade URL into your SoStronk profile (login to www.sostronk.com go to Edit Profile and paste it in the Trade URL field)


done :slight_smile:




UP…When will i get it?


when will i get it?


I think @Petrichor had processed the transfer, lemme know if you haven’t got it yet.