Hi ping on sg/hk servers



As instructed i used the wtfast app and still my ping on sg servers is 200 and hk servers is 250. I get normal 50-60 ping on valve / faceit SEA servers so it is a routing issue i suppose. Need help :slight_smile:



Can you follow High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is (without using WTFast) so that we can try to find out where exactly is the routing getting messed up?





so i did this from whatever i understood dont know if this is right or not but plz help :). As ths tourney is starting day after 2moro and the nearest gaming cafe also uses the same internet so cant solve the problem that way either.


Ah you entered www.sostronk.com, that is wrong. Enter our SG and HK server IPs, and post screenshots for both-

SG -
HK -





This is quite bad routing, after the lon2 route (which is probably London), is an IP in CA, USA and then our HK servers. Can you send this screenshot to your ISP and ask them if they have any idea?


ok will mail them :smile: