Hey Staff? Help me Up


Bro. My Net Got Dc’D but 2-3min ke andar agaya. I connected but It wasnt letting me connect and then friend told SomeBody Else has Joined the Pug. 24hours ka Cd laga. Not on Purpose. @harleyQuinn the player name who joined in behalf of me and @yellow_flash my pug mate. Map cache. Can you Check it and if possible Remove it? Thxs Again


In behalf matlab he was called to play. But I could connect to pug if given Time :frowning:


@OleOle a different player cannot join your slot until 3 minutes have elapsed. So if he was able to join it means your 3 minutes were up.

Note that you can increase the wait time from 3 to 5 minutes if you are a subscriber.


Oh. I tried to come asap itne me 3 minutes elasped. More 2-3 hours left. Remove kar De.agar hosake toh.


And My sec acc has 1 year Sub but Wo mera Smurf Acc hai. Name:-SeKiZaN. You can check if you want :slight_smile:


This is my Smurf. Proof ke liye :slight_smile:


Sub benefits are tied to one SoStronk account.