Help resolving shitty routing to bangalore server


Hey, just changed over to a new ISP. Experiencing 250-300 ping to blore server. Mumbai servers not showing up right now. Is there anything that can be done from SSTK’s side to help fix the routing? ISP customer service is retarded and have no clue. Ping to SG servers is just fine. Let me know what info you need to check the route.


Nope there’s nothing we can do. On Airtel Fiber I had 4ms ping to SSTK Bangalore and one fine day they screwed up their routing. I’m still stuck with that -_-


Did that fine day occur to you like 10-12 days back ?

Since a lot of people including me are getting affected, and the ping is getting higher day by day :confused:


For me it happened a month back

High ping to bangalore servers

Fixed or still persists ?


Still there, I don’t think Airtel gives a damn.


They dont, thats why i ditched them.