Hello SoStronk,i have a problem here?


So,my problem is that i was playing in my home on BSNL broadband 512 kbps with an average ping of 80 ms and one of my friend who also had 512 kbps connection used to play with me around 60 ms,now i am in Bhubneswar with Ortel 512 kbps connection i get around 700 ms ping :frowning: any help?


512kbps is at the edge of being playable for 128tick, we can’t really do much at that point. What pings does the app show you? If the app shows you good ping, the problem is upload/download speed, if app shows you bad ping then ISP routing is the problem.

We recommend >1Mbps for our 128tick servers.


ok so i told my isp to provide me with 1 mbps,and the same problem still exists even cmd pings are normal?


If you cmd pings are normal, that means your ISP routing is fine. If your ping goes high in-game, that has to be because of less bandwidth (cmd ping uses only 64 bytes where a real CS:GO game takes a lot more).

Can you post a speedtest.net screenshot?