He used,wall hacks,spinbot,Still not banned yet,GG

https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5399732943323136 Please watch the Tside of this guy called joker,he used spin bot,I was in his team but he should be banned,Many of us reported him still not banned,Thanks

Banned. Thanks for the report.

/cc @NARUTO12 @pOiSON3 @OrthodOx1 @Gh0sTTTTT @Krit @enfado @unknow_n @akiwnl

https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5381837493108736 another one Maverick11.he was in my team,he was using wall hacks and confirmed by saying “Flicker hacker kara isiliye mein bhi chalu kiya” Do check the demo he was a clear waller by his crosshair positioning

Point out the rounds/ticks

He has been banned, thanks for reporting!

@akS @shaan7 Thanks buddy,You guys doing great job